New Me.

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Hey, remember when I use to blog?

Yeah. I’ve decided to start blogging again. Honestly a lot has  changed since July (my last post) And by that, I mean about 20lbs. And darker hair. 

Over the summer, my mom and I made a bet to see who could lose more weight. I was mad at first, but my competitiveness made me take on the bet. So here I am, 20lbs lighter, and still dropping. It is a pretty awesome feeling. I feel like I won more than just beating my mom. I had to go shopping for smaller jeans recently. I am just a much happier person because of it. I feel wonderful. Great start to sophomore year.

(Last April)


My sophomore year is underway, and a lot better then last year. The people in my life right now are amazing, and I have A’s in all of my classes. I honestly think it’s because I’m happier and full of confidence now.

Prepare for the exciting adventures of my sophomore year. They are going to start being documented. Oh yes.

Boiler up!


Celtics fan? I think yes!

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I know I haven’t blogged much this summer. But I lead a very un-exciting life, you see. I literally don’t do very much during the summer except work. And bond with the few friends I have that live around here. My best friend currently lives in Indianapolis, so it sucks that I hardly get to hang out with her. But this Wednesday, I am going to the Goo Goo Dolls concert (my favorite band) with two of my most favorite people! Yay!

On another note.

The NBA draft happened (where have I been, right?) No, I knew it happened, I just chose to blog about it now. A couple of months ago, I talked about two Purdue basketball seniors (recent graduates), JaJuan Johnson and E’Twaun Moore. I am thrilled to brag about how they are both going to be playing for the Boston Celtics! What are the odds they were chosen for the same team? Well, it’s the kind of duo that you hate to break up. Needless to say, I will finally force myself to watch the NBA (I only like college basketball), and cheer on the Boston Celtics.

Picture from: HardwoodHoudini

You could call me a band-wagon fan, I suppose. I just stick with my Boilermakers. I can actually say I went to school with them! One being an All-American! How totally awesome is that?!

That is all I have to say. I will try to be more exciting in the future. Maybe I will have to start talking about the books I’ve read/am reading…

Lame. But a possibility.

“They Don’t Know How Strong I Am”

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If you have never heard of “Starkid Productions”. I seriously suggest you go check them out. Now. They are an incredible musical theater group that started while attending University of Michigan (bleh!). They have done productions like this, called Starship, as well as A Very Potter Musical. If you are  Harry Potter fan, like me, you will LOVE that musical. It is the funniest thing ever! Just youtube “Starkidpotter” for their videos. One notable Starkid is Darren Criss. I’ve been a big fan of him and and his music for quite some time. And now he is on Glee as Blaine Anderson.

Enjoy this song, and check them out! =]


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 I was what might be considered a “Gleek”, before it was considered “cool. 

 Yeah, I was that girl in show choir. I made the weird performance faces, and was often complemented on my stage presence and my a ability to remember the dances so easily. A “Gleek” is a person that follows the TV show “Glee”. I also see it as someone who is in a Glee club, or show choir. More kids are joining these kinds of groups, because of the show. Me; I can remember watching our local high school’s show choir, Tiger Pizazz, when they would come perform at my elementary school. While some kids went home and told their parents they wanted to be a teacher or a doctor when they “grew up”, I told mine I wanted to be in Tiger Pizazz. And I was. It is one of my high school experiences that I can say truly changed my life. I became a part of it at a time when I was having a rough patch with some “friends”.

While in Pizazz, I found myself, had my heart broken, and found myself happy all the time. I also found one of my best friends. I had known her, but had not spent time with her until Pizazz. I don’t see her very often. She is a Young American, and is either in California or on tour. But when we are together, it is like nothing has changed. I guess that shows true friendship. 

We recently went back to visit our choir teacher at our high school. While there, she asked us to choreograph the show, and help plan it all out, for next year’s Pizazz group. I am so excited! Kayleigh and I had choreographed part of our show when we were in Pizazz, because no one remembered the original choreography. We had such a good time; it was kind of what brought us together.  So my summer will be spent working at a bank (doing nothing. Today I removed staples and went shopping for my boss.) And doing something I truly love, which  planning out and choreographing an entire show choir show. 

I am a happy girl right now. 

“Even Heroes Have the Right to Dream”

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So I’m creeping on Facebook (don’t lie… you all do it, too) on my ex-boyfriend. We’re still kind of friends… not big deal. I just like to make sure his status’s aren’t all emo (they tend to be). So I see he and one of his best friends discussing the Marines. He and I had talked about it before… but I never thought he would actually follow through with it. I know that sounds terrible, but I just mean… I guess I never thought it was going to play a big part in his future. 

It scares the crap out of me to even consider him becoming a marine. The kid is epileptic for crying out loud, so chances are it might not happen. But still, there’s that chance if he remains seizure free for four years. It scares me to think of him being in danger all the time. I’m proud of him for making a decision involving his future but more than that, I’m scared for him…

It’s hard to explain how I’m feeling right now. My roommate is sitting with her headphones in, and is in one of her “I don’t feel like talking to you” moods, so I have no one to really discuss this with right now. So I just had to get it out of my system.

My Portfolio

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Alright. I have finally got to work on my online portfolio. It is for my EDCI 270 course. Feel free to look at it, and let me know what you think. =]

Click it. =]

This Is It

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Yes. I am down to the last few weeks of my freshman year at Purdue. It is a wonderful feeling… but also stressful. I just scheduled my classes for the fall today, and let me tell you: it won’t be pretty. 

(I cut off my 7:30am-10:20am Chem. lab on Monday… won’t that be fun…?)

On a completely different note, I am doing much better since the last blog I wrote. Yeah, it still hurts when I think about it. But I am happy right now, in this moment. I forgot what it was like to be the old me. I pay attention to those around me, instead of constantly looking at my phone for a text. I am living my life only worrying about me, and right now, I am happy about it. It helps that I have wonderful friends and family.

Also, I have to start a “Teaching Portfolio” on WordPress. I was so excited when I found out it was the site we were using… since I know how to work it pretty well. I have to post different projects and papers I have done this year. Feel free to visit it and give me feedback once I get it running. I will post a link when I figure it out.

I will leave you with this photo, from Smile everyone. This is it. =]

 As always, Boiler Up!