“Story of a Girl…”

“It’s the music pumping through my veins and harmony coming straight from my soul, the melody that’s reaching my ears, and the tempo that has me up, it’s treble vocals that have me smiling, the bass that keeps me up with that rhythm and it all, just everything about it helps me feel a little bit more in control. When my world is crashing, when friends come and go, when my heart is shattered, when I don’t feel like I can go on anymore, the sound, the music keeps me going strong ”

I’m Hannah Marie.

  • No, my birthday is NOT the same day as Halloween.
  • Yes, I am aware my name is spelled the same forwards AND backwards.
  • I also realize how short I am…. although 5’1 isn’t all that short, right?
  • I have played piano for 13 years.
  • Guitar for 5 years.
  • 19 years old.
  • Catholic girl.
  • Love my friends and family.
  • Music is my life.
  • Boilermaker. =]
  • I like drawing, but I am not good at it…So I just stick with coloring.
  • I quote movies very often.
  • I know way to many songs, and way to much about music.
  • I am obsessed with college basketball…especially with my school. =]
  • I love writing.
  • I do not like summer, I love the winter.
  • Snow. ♥
  • Bones, Glee, and How I Met Your Mother
  • My boyfriend is the best.♥ 11-15-09
  • My best friends are far away. One lives in Cali. One is in Bloomington.
  • I love my family.
  • I read when I can.
  • I’m going to be a teacher.
  • I want to move to a New England state, Or somewhere that isn’t Indiana.
  • Numbers and I don’t get along.
  • Pizazz 09 & St.Lawrence Youth Renew: My best friends and people i will NEVER forget.
  • Ice cream is my favorite food.
  • I am becoming slightly OCD.
  • I am a perfectionist.
  • I wish I was still in show choir.
  • I am usually cold.
  • I always drink Diet Dr. Pepper. And Vitamin Water.
  • I love anything Puma.
  • I get very happy when guys hold doors for me.
  • I love Daisies and Sunflowers.

Boiler Up! ♥


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