I was what might be considered a “Gleek”, before it was considered “cool. 

 Yeah, I was that girl in show choir. I made the weird performance faces, and was often complemented on my stage presence and my a ability to remember the dances so easily. A “Gleek” is a person that follows the TV show “Glee”. I also see it as someone who is in a Glee club, or show choir. More kids are joining these kinds of groups, because of the show. Me; I can remember watching our local high school’s show choir, Tiger Pizazz, when they would come perform at my elementary school. While some kids went home and told their parents they wanted to be a teacher or a doctor when they “grew up”, I told mine I wanted to be in Tiger Pizazz. And I was. It is one of my high school experiences that I can say truly changed my life. I became a part of it at a time when I was having a rough patch with some “friends”.

While in Pizazz, I found myself, had my heart broken, and found myself happy all the time. I also found one of my best friends. I had known her, but had not spent time with her until Pizazz. I don’t see her very often. She is a Young American, and is either in California or on tour. But when we are together, it is like nothing has changed. I guess that shows true friendship. 

We recently went back to visit our choir teacher at our high school. While there, she asked us to choreograph the show, and help plan it all out, for next year’s Pizazz group. I am so excited! Kayleigh and I had choreographed part of our show when we were in Pizazz, because no one remembered the original choreography. We had such a good time; it was kind of what brought us together.  So my summer will be spent working at a bank (doing nothing. Today I removed staples and went shopping for my boss.) And doing something I truly love, which  planning out and choreographing an entire show choir show. 

I am a happy girl right now. 


~ by Hannah on May 18, 2011.

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