This Is It

Yes. I am down to the last few weeks of my freshman year at Purdue. It is a wonderful feeling… but also stressful. I just scheduled my classes for the fall today, and let me tell you: it won’t be pretty. 

(I cut off my 7:30am-10:20am Chem. lab on Monday… won’t that be fun…?)

On a completely different note, I am doing much better since the last blog I wrote. Yeah, it still hurts when I think about it. But I am happy right now, in this moment. I forgot what it was like to be the old me. I pay attention to those around me, instead of constantly looking at my phone for a text. I am living my life only worrying about me, and right now, I am happy about it. It helps that I have wonderful friends and family.

Also, I have to start a “Teaching Portfolio” on WordPress. I was so excited when I found out it was the site we were using… since I know how to work it pretty well. I have to post different projects and papers I have done this year. Feel free to visit it and give me feedback once I get it running. I will post a link when I figure it out.

I will leave you with this photo, from Smile everyone. This is it. =]

 As always, Boiler Up!


~ by Hannah on April 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “This Is It”

  1. Your lab… that sucks. I have my orgo lab Friday 12:15-4:15.. but I’ll take that over a 7:30 Monday, any day…

    I’m glad to hear you’re happy, though! That’s what I always wanna hear!

  2. It was either that lab…. or 2:50-5:40. It sucks … but I figured I’d get it over with while I’m still on campus. haha.

    And thank you, dear. It’s good to say it, again. =]

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