Hakuna Matata

You know that one person you meet, that just has an impact on you. Well for me, he had been in my very first college class last semester. He was so loud and happy that at first, he drove me crazy. We were assigned seats in this class and, of course, I was put next to him. Over time, he grew on me. I saw him 3 days a week at 8:30am. He was ALWAYS happy. He always asked about my day or my weekend. He found a bright side to everything. He was always smiling, even though our teacher was insane. A couple of my friends met him at lunch one day. He asked if they were all teachers too. When I said no he said, “Ah… so you guys just aren’t as awesome as Hannah?” In the words of my friend Jacob, “I love him. Please have him eat lunch with us sometimes. Like seriously, I would love for him to be my teacher. You should be fighting over who is going to marry him. No….seriously.” I don’t find this guy attractive by any means, but I am very glad I have met him.

I ran into him earlier this week for the first time in forever. He ran up and gave me a hug. From there, he just talked to me for a couple of minutes. He had taken the class I was currently in. He was talking about when he had done the project I was working on. He said his teacher told him it was completely wrong. Now, the funny part is, he said it as if he was talking about how he had aced it. He is just happy. He makes everyone around him happy.

He has inspired me to find that happy aspect of everyday. So many times,it seems I complain about the little things.  I should really be happy for much more than I realize. So from now on at the end of every blog, I will write a couple of things that make/ have made me happy. This is to help keep me optimistic, and to remind me how blessed I am. I challenge anyone reading this to do the same.

1. I am a Boilermaker.

2. I have the best friends.

3. I know longer feel sorry for myself when “friends” treat me like shit. I stand up for myself. I’m a good person, and I deserve better people in my life.

4. I am acing a couple of classes right now.

5. Ben and Jerry’s has Red Velvet Cake ice cream. And it is amazing.

6. I no longer get headaches everyday.

7. I still live by the motto, “Hakuna Matata”.


~ by Hannah on April 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Hakuna Matata”

  1. I saw your site and had to contact you. I am a vet tech student at Purdue and we are redecorating our vet tech lockerroom for the incoming freshmen and our theme is Hakuna Matata. Do you happen to haver an idea of where I gan get decorating things to help us with this task? We want posters and streamers or wall paste ups. It will stay up for their first 2 years at Purdue, when they will choose a theme for the next incoming class and so and and so on….

    • Hmmm… I’m not sure. Maybe the Disney Store might have some stuff? Or I’m sure you can look around online to find stuff. If I see anything, I’ll let you know. =]

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