What If?

What If?


I have those moments all the time, the ones where I ask “what if?” And then I will contemplate those questions until they drive me crazy. But just as quickly as the thoughts come to me, the answers slowly come to surface. The answer is usually, though not always, the same. For example:


  • What if I would’ve gone to a different school?
  • What if I didn’t choose the right major?
  • What if my boyfriend isn’t “the one”?
  • What if I would’ve gone to do the Young Americans?
  • What if I missed my moment to do something right?
  • What if I passed by a moment, and didn’t even notice?
  • What if I had been “his” girlfriend?
  • What if I decided to live in an apartment with those 2 girls?
  • What if my future roommate is worse?

But then I remember, “Everything happens for a reason”. I have to go through all of these, in order to reach something better. I know that there is something better planned for me… I’m just on the journey to find it. If there is one thing college has taught me, it is how to always stay optimistic. I have four years to enjoy the greatest time of my life, and I plan to live it how I choose. No more worrying about “what if”s. I’m going to focus on the “right now”s.


~ by Hannah on February 7, 2011.

One Response to “What If?”

  1. gah! just read this. so good to know other people question themselves too….because i just wrote my latest blog about it.

    oh life.

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