One of these days… I will have interesting things to blog about. Right now, It is mid-term week. I spent all weekend, no lie, studying and doing homework. I am still doing the same thing. You get a lot accomplished when your roommate is staying at her boyfriend’s (3rd of the year) dorm for the third night in a row. Silent, peaceful; I like it and I don’t. But boy I have been on top of things. What’s the opposite of procrastinate…. un-procrastinte? Because that’s what I have done. I am so proud!

This weekend was a sad day for Boilermakers. We lost to Iowa. They had only won 3 games prior to us (2 against IU, naturally…) Iowa played harder. It was their last home game and senior night; they came out ready to win it. The Boilers had a lead for a short time, and never regained it. It was tough to watch. But now they know they have to work hard every game. This will get them going in the Big Ten Tournament this weekend. Also, tonight is the Big Ten Awards ceremony. I better see JaJuan Johnson win Player of the Year, and Matt Painter win Coach of the year. Both have done some amazing things since the Hummel incident. They deserve this more than anyone. But perhaps, I am biased….

I’ve been working on a video for class. It was supposed to be a digital story of my greatest learning experience. I chose my piano lessons. I have heard every student complain about this project… but not me. Why? I make slide shows and videos when I’m bored. So to me, this was fun. It is about finished. I might post it when It is done. I’m proud of it.

I am ready for Spring Break. I miss my family, shockingly enough. And my friends that will be home at the same time. My mom is taking me and my best friend to shop in Chicago. I LOVE Chicago! This will be my fourth or fifth time there. I am a total city girl at heart.

That’s all for now. I had one exam today, and two more left this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Boiler up!


~ by Hannah on March 7, 2011.

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