Hail to the Old Gold and Black!

I realized after reading some of my posts, that I complain about school. Well, I really do love it. I am absolutely in love with Purdue and it’s traditions. There are some days I wish I would have joined the Young Americans, but then I just find another reason to love where I am. So, here are the the top 10 reasons I love Purdue.

10. The weather

So I’m a bit different from most people, being that I LOVE snow. So this time of year is perfect for me, especially in northern Indiana. Right now we probably have about a foot of snow.

9.  The Campus

I love that our campus isn’t small, but isn’t too big for me to be confused on how to get somewhere. This picture is the engineering mall, surrounded by the engineering school buildings. Ironically enough, I am never in this particular area very often. But it’s beautiful, like the rest of campus.

8. The Bell Tower

If you walk under the arches, it’s considered bad luck. The superstition is that you will not graduate on time if you walk underneath. I pass this multiple times a day, I can see it from my window. The bell is generally how I know what time it is. At 1pm everyday, the bells play the fight song. If you kiss your significant other under the bell tower (just don’t walk all the way under it!), and walk by the Lion Fountain, it is said that you will marry that person. The small pond is my favorite place to sit and write.

7. The Lion Fountain

Part of the “marry”ing tradition. This fountain is actually a water fountain, and has drinkable water spurting from it. I have only tried to drink it once, which resulted in me spraying water all down the front of my shirt. In front of the fountain is where the “Reamer Club” assembles on Tuesday afternoons. Their sole purpose is to keep Purdue traditions alive. So they practice all their cheers and songs. Walking by them always makes me smile.

6. Purdue Pete

Not our “Official” mascot, but we still love him. He is at every major Purdue sport or function. There are actually four different guys that “play” Purdue Pete. He leads cheers during games and dances to different songs the pep band plays (Jump on it, Livin’ on a Prayer, Dynamite…) He makes me laugh.

5. The World’s Largest Drum and the Purdue Twirlers

Yes. It is the world’s largest drum. The guys who are in charge of it in the band will do flips off of it and such. From a musical person’s point of view, I think it’s really cool. Also the girls in the picture are the Purdue Twirlers. The girl in the center is the Golden Girl, and she must always be blonde. She is on a full ride to school here, and is amazing at baton. The two on the left are the Silver Twins. They must be brunette, and identical twins. They are also on a full ride. Then the two on the right are the Girl in Black and Miss Boilerette. I love when they perform at halftime…they are incredible!

4. The Boilermaker Special

Our official mascot! It can go up to 60mph, and travels to all away football games. On Saturday mornings during football season you can catch a ride on it. I love that it’s so unique!

3. All American Marching Band

Our band is legit. They were the first to break traditional army formation and form the “block P”. So all the different formations you see marching bands stand and walk in? That was Purdue! They were also the first BIG Ten team to be in the Macy’s Day Parade this past year! And they led the parade!

2. The amazing people I have met.

I love all the friends I have made here! I hang out with all different kinds of people, and they always make me smile. I am lucky to know them all.

1. Boilermaker Basketball!

Surprise to anyone? I love the team, the atmosphere, and the game. I love losing my voice at every home game. I love seeing all the Purdue spirit. I love seeing those banners on the wall. (No, not for a NCAA Championship, I am aware. But we do have the most Big Ten Championship wins!)

Enough said.

Man, I love college.


~ by Hannah on February 3, 2011.

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