Whose house? OUR HOUSE!


I have just arrived home from the Purdue game. After suffering two rough losses on the road, I finally saw The Boilermaker team I have grown to love. Although we led much of the first half, the second half proved to be a nail biter. Literally, for me. With only 20 seconds left, Penn State shot a 3 pointer, making the game a 62-61 lead for them. Leaving only 15 seconds for Purdue to make their play.

I’m glad Coach Painter made the decision he did: to give the ball to JaJuan Johnson [aka “JJ”] who had been hot all game, rather then Ryne Smith who hits his 3 pointers like a pro, usually. JJ put up a jump shot with only 5 seconds left.

I have no voice.

As the ball sank into the net, the crowd exploded. Mackey Arena was CRAZY!! The game ended with an inbound play by Penn State being intercepted by Lewis Jackson for Purdue.

My head is killing me. I have homework to do. And My throat hurts. It is SO worth it.

(Notice how I got Hummel in there, high-fivin JJ.. =] )


Boiler Up my fellow bloggers… Boiler Up!


~ by Hannah on January 20, 2011.

One Response to “Whose house? OUR HOUSE!”

  1. check out my newest post! hhahaha

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