“Little Miss you’ll go far…Little Miss hide your scars…”

So my night last night…

Well, It started when The Boilermakers lost their game. Again. Goodbye to being ranked #8. Then The night began to go up… after going to church and playing the piano.

Well, before going to play piano, my roommate had a couple of our friends in our room. She had a bottle of Chocolate Whipped Vodka hidden in her closet, so they decided to take some shots before going out to party. Now, I’m totally aware that we are not supposed to have alcohol in our rooms. However, my roommate takes advantage of the fact that I am a pushover. She knows I was not going to tell them all, and the two random guys that showed up, to leave. She knew I wasn’t going to run to my RA. So I let them take their shots, and I put headphones in and tried to finish up some homework. After some much needed working and reading, I left not long after the party-goers, and went to the music room in my dorm.

I left at about 12am, (gotta love that feeling of not being able to fall asleep). I returned to my room at around 1am, planning on crawling onto my loft and trying to sleep. I started to unlock the door to my room, but swung it open when I realized people were already in it. There on the floor sat my roommate, her three friends, and the bottle of vodka. “The party was stupid, so we came back here.” I was informed by my drunk roommate. 3 of the 4 were totally drunk. I was not happy. So I decided to leave the room, and went to take a shower… hoping they would be gone when I got back.

They weren’t.

So eventually, they had to physically put one girl back in her room across the hall. Then they walked another back to her dorm across the street. My roommate and her final friend? They decided to crash with these random guys (that her friend knew) and sleep there for the night.

And people wonder why I don’t drink…


~ by Hannah on January 17, 2011.

One Response to ““Little Miss you’ll go far…Little Miss hide your scars…””

  1. Hahahahaha. Drunken nights are good nights, however, respecting your roommate also is a must. That night must of stunk. 😦

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